Life is a journey filled with many experiences. I started mine in a traditional manner and chose business as  my professional path.  With a Masters Degree in Strategic Management from the USA, I climbed the corporate ladder, achieving success and earning recognition as one of the best managers in the country. It was a rewarding experience as my curiosity, commitment and desire helped me accomplish the most complex of objectives.

While professionally the answers seemed to flow with experience, the spiritual journey was a different matter. From an early age, I was drawn to the mysteries of life, with an endless desire to unlock the secrets that held the key to a life filled with love, happiness and joy. I am a lover of truth and light, and this love for the spiritual led me on many paths.  I was fortunate enough to meet many spiritual leaders who helped me understand and unlock some of the mysteries of life.   

I am the founder of HST: Human System Technology (see page x), a new method of reprogramming the subconscious and achieving spiritual evolution for the soul, that I received through meditation for more than six years of esoteric journeying. This powerful method is targeted towards eliminating all toxic and negative influences and reprogramming the way we live, bringing back magic and enthusiasm to our lives.

I am also a certified expert in various martial arts such as in Ninjutsu, jujitsu and a trained swords and blade fighter. In addition, I am a CrossFit certified trainer. I was a half marathon runner  and a  professional volley ball player.


                Most of us choose the easy way out in life, following the example and experiences of others, rather than creating a life based on our own values.

                We trust the readymade solutions. We worry about doing the right thing so that we can be accepted, instead of expressing our true selves. We don’t feel the need to create something authentic but rather prefer to choose that which impresses others.

                All of us go through years of education, learning and training for so many different things except one, the most important: our love relationship.

                Preparation before every mission we undertake take in life is vital, whether it is a small mission or a major life-altering mission.

                The preparation for a love relationship opens you up to more possibilities. This awareness  helps  you attract a loving partner and gives you the knowledge to create a relationships centred around love.

                If you take a look around you and see how people are doing in their relationships, you will find that most of them tend to create chaos and misery for themselves. A loving relationship needs to be created on strong and healthy foundations, and that requires first of all knowledge and know-how.

                It is up to you to give yourself time to acquire the knowledge, heal your heart and create room for new love: the best and most beautiful investment you could ever make for your personal happiness.


 What is a healthy relationship?

How can we acquire an absolute, spherical understanding, which will enable us to avoid or to withdraw from difficult situations, overcome disappointment and doubt, and reach that place of light we aspire to? Light that penetrates, permeates, spreads, and bestows on us this unique gift, whose manifest presence embraces the full range of past, present and future, and throws open a window so that we may see more clearly and completely the truth in all its aspects.

In her book Eliana Eleftheriou elucidates the whole subject of relationships, approaching it globally from every point of view, and from every perspective, but principally the perspective of the future… a future filled with happiness.

She explains how relationships that lead to fulfillment are created, lived, maintained, and how the goals of partnership, equality and mutual happiness, are achieved. She reveals that good intentions and aspirations are necessary but not sufficient: the cultivation of mutual appreciation, respect, equality, and the setting of boundaries are essential, as is the improvement of our relationship with ourselves. She encourages a complete, vital, many-faceted reality and brings it to an elevated level of understanding and perception which opens wide the window of personal vision and lets in a new view, a new approach.

She enables us to take on the role of Creator: by way of the most steadfast intention we have only to connect with the Light and channel it to every part of our being, cultivating a fabric of love, empathy, comprehension and sensitivity, where everything revolves around the fixed point of the centered human being, constant in the present moment as creator, who scientifically establishes and proliferates this new land of happiness, where love and wisdom build A NEW LIFE!

Anna Papadatou (Teacher & Consultant of Consciousness and Life Purpose)